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Christian Tijsmans

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Christian Tijsmans

The world of IT Service Management has been changing over the last few years ; its scope has broadened substantially. Our profession has become more about finding best of breed pragmatic solutions across different frameworks and best practices as well as to build bridges with other management areas to define common ground and work together instead of competing.

A rising trend is to apply IT Service Management principles to other service areas such as facility management and HR using the solid experience that has been built up around management of services in the IT industry. Tooling vendors are also supporting this evolution.

In such an exciting changing landscape I believe there is room for a vibrant community in which professionals, those aspiring to become professionals and even customers (i.e. the business) work together on expanding the profession of IT service management and helping it evolve towards Enterprise Service Management.

I am honoured to be part of an enthusiastic team that wants to make a positive contribution to the service management community in Belgium and beyond. I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to contact me!